Ritocco Pop Ricrescita - Instant Spray Root Concealer


The new instant spray root concealer covers grey hair, or the difference between your colour and your natural shade, in seconds, by hiding the bothersome regrowth between two colour treatments. 

A guaranteed flawless last minute look for any occasion. 

1. Quick and easy to use

2. Dried in a minute

3. Real cover with natural results and outstanding performance

4. No colour transfer

5. Does not stain

6. Non-drip, does not run

7. Non-sticky

8. Leaves no residue

9. No unpleasant cold sensation on the scalp

10. Ammonia-free formula, gentle on the hair and scalp

11. Does not contain parabens

12. Washes out with one shampoo

13. Small, compact packaging, easy to keep within arms reach

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