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Dikson Luxury Caviar Mask 500ml

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Dikson luxury Caviar revitalising mask 500ml. Designed to restore integrity and youth in coloured and treated hair, or hair which has been damaged by chemical treatments. Thanks to its concentrated formula and the synergetic action of multiple active ingredients, the hair is regenerated, revitalised and nourished, with its natural health and beauty restored. The results are visible from the first application and are enhanced as the treatment cycle is completed (2 applications for 3 weeks) and intensified by the combined use of other products in the Dikson Luxury Caviar Range. 

How to use: apply 15-20ml to wet, freshly washed hair, according to its length. Distribute evenly, massage the hair from roots to tips, and comb in all directions. Leave to rest for 10 minutes, then rinse carefully. A cycle of 2 applications for 3 weeks is recommend for optimum results. Before drying, apply Dikson Luxury Caviar Bi-Phase Serum. 

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