Diksoplex Macro Kit (3x500ml)

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A new defence technology to support the integrity and health of the hair. 

Three products, three phases, one synergic result. 

Macro Kit Contains;

1 x Diksoplex Defensive 1. Shield Bottle 500ml

2 x Diksoplex Defensive 2. Shield Magnifier Bottles (500ml)

Diksoplex Defensive combines the effectiveness of an innovative technology and effective formulas in its simplicity of use. 

1. Shield - blended with technical products - protects the intracellular structural integrity of the hair and fortifies it by increasing its elasticity.

2. Shield Magnifier - fluid cream - completes the protective and strengthening action of Diksoplex Defensive no. 1 Shield - restoring the optimal conditions of hydration and nourishment. 

Parabens and Sulphates Free