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The products in the Stamiker range, enriched with plant stem cells and keratin, offer complete repair and regeneration of the hair. The presence of sweet white lupin extract also offers simultaneous anti-hair loss action.


SHAMPOO (250ML + 1L)


Stamiker newgen shampoo is a regenerating, anti-ageing and repairing treatment which offers the combined action of plant stem cells and keratin.

This product is perfect for anyone looking for deep regeneration and structural repair.

Suitable for all hair types. Treated and coloured hair will appear refreshed and revitalised. Natural hair will be left stronger and visibly healthy.


MASK (500ML + 250ML)


Stamiker newgen mask with plant stem cells and keratin. Recommended for damaged, split and weakened hair. This product instantly penetrates the hair, for intensive repair strengthening the structure of the hair fibres and restoring the resistance of new, natural hair.




Energising treatment for hair loss prevention.

Stamiker newgen deep treatment, an intensive regenerating treatment for weakened, damaged, treated and coloured hair. After use the hair rediscovers its original strength, enriched deep down, softer, smoother and full of shine.




Serum enhancer finishing touch for treated, coloured or damaged hair.

As well as its plant stem cells and keratin the formula is enriched with panthenol (provitamin B5) which visibly improves the appearance of tired, stressed and damaged hair. Your hair is left full of shine, soft and silky. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE




Serum enhancer for thin and natural hair.

Enriched with plant stem cells and keratin, it fills out the hair's shaft, texturising it from the root to the tip, for hair which is softer to the touch and visibly full of body and volume.

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