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DiksoBlonde Anti-Yellow Toning Shampoo 1L

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DiksoBlonde anti-yellow toning shampoo double concentrated, fro grey, super lightened, bleached or highlighted hair with keratin and organic wheatgerm oil. Formulated with double concentration of coloured pigments, to effectively bring out the hairs cool, grey tones, as well as neutralising undesirable yellow tones. Ideal as a toner following a bleaching treatment. Shades from silver to purple, varying in intensity according to the type of bleaching and the hair porosity.

How to use: distribute evenly over wet hair and massage carefully. For an anti-yellow effect, leave to act for 1-5 minutes and rinse well. Repeat the application immediately, if necessary, for a more pronounced anti-yellow effect. For a toning effect, leave to act for more than 5 minutes, depending on the porosity of the hair and keeping development under control. Silver toning will occur first, followed by purple. Alternatively, instead of extending the resting time, you can rinse the shampoo and repeat the application. The toning level increases as the applicated is repeated.

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