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Omniplex n.1 & n.2: 500ml salon kit (minimum 80 applications)

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Professional Hair Damage Solution



Bond maker was developed to be mixed with all chemical service, in particular colour and bleaching. It builds and enforces strong structural bonds, protect hair from breakage and help prevent hair damage caused by chemical treatments. It doesn't interfere with the chemical service undertaken, no adjustment to the processing time or application.



Bond reinforcer is applied after rinsing the chemical process. It contains high performing actives and was developed in a creamy texture for easier application. Bond reinforcer stabilizes the bonds, deeply nourishes, seals the cuticles and protects the colour (for long-lasting colour). It is not a conditioner.


The problem is the inevitable fibre damage due to chemical treatments, heated styling tools and hair age.

To stop and reverse this deterioration process, Farmavita have developed OMNIPLEX, an innovative system to restore the natural hair structure - DURING CHEMICAL TREATMENTS!

Omniplex is based on a new technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fibre, for extraordinary and immediate visible results!


Omniplex is free of sulfate, DES, Paraben & MI.

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